What’s New In PDM – SOLIDWORKS 2020

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Major improvements in performance, searching, and child dependency checking make SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 the perfect choice to manage your growing design data challenges. Chris Sowter shows how asynchronous interface loading means you won’t wait on the server to load large folders and files. Reference data and file information are loaded in the background and displayed when ready, leaving the interface responsive to let you get to your desired location quickly.

Searching capabilities are improved with smart filters and logic operators that can be customized by the user quickly and intuitively. Predictive searching makes repeating common searches simple and multi-variable search fields gives you the flexibility to search multiple fields quickly.

“Child reference state” conditions allows you to limit approval or submission of documents through a workflow if the documents that are contained within them are unreleased or obsolete, preventing drawings of unapproved models from being released early.

The PDM Web interface now supports History, BOM, Where Used, and Contains information. Download with References makes it easy to grab a full copy of a design tree remotely in one smooth operation.

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