What is the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal?

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Websites, websites, and more websites. Why are there so many websites related to SOLIDWORKS products? What are all these sites used for and how can I utilize them? Each site has a unique purpose and focus. In this article we are going to provide a brief overview and the main highlights of the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.


What is the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

Website Focus: Manage Serial Numbers and Users Utilizing the Online Licensing Scheme.

Website Highlights:
  • Add / Remove Users
  • Promote Users
  • Assign Users to Serial Numbers
  • Assign Users to Services (e.g. online learning)
  • Change Activation Type: Machine or Online

Access: Full access to the site requires current subscription status on SOLIDWORKS licenses.

The Admin Portal is available to anyone with a MySOLIDWORKS website account. However, once the Admin user has been established, further access to the Admin Portal requires the Admin’s login credentials. The Admin Portal functions with SOLIDWORKS version licenses 2018 and later.

Fun Facts:
  • The Admin Portal was introduced in 2018 with the release of SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing functionality.
  • The Admin Portal is not applicable with licenses older than SOLIDWORKS 2018.
  • The creation of the first Admin user will prevent any other users from registering a company serial number in the Customer Portal.

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