Throwback! SOLIDWORKS Version 97+ Product Demonstration

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SOLIDWORKS 97+ represents one of the earliest releases of SOLIDWORKS. This demo video from DEEP in the archives shows just how robust and powerful the program was even immediately after launch. Many of the capabilities shown were either brand new developments in CAD or were previously reserved for products that cost orders of magnitude more to purchase and operate. Other tools that were available at the time eventually transitioned to and adopted some of the most compelling features shown here, including:

  • Native Windows user interface and operation
  • Open API for third party software integration, including many third-party tools so useful that they have since been included as native SOLIDWORKS solutions
  • SmarTeam - Database-driven document management (replaced by SOLIDWORKS PDM)
  • SurfCAM – Toolpath creation for CNC machining (replaced by SOLIDWORKS CAM and other robust third-party tools like Mastercam)
  • Working Model 3D – kinematic and dynamic analysis now incorporated into the SOLIDWORKS Motion add-in using the industry-leading ADAMS solver
  • COSMOS – Finite Element Analysis for structural loading, the first ever gold partner product that was since acquired by SOLIDWORKS and rebranded SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • Feature-based parametric modeling
  • Data re-use from parts or features
  • Drag and drop feature placement
  • Large assembly management
  • Model Based Definition, the ability to add annotations to the 3D part or assembly for downstream re-use
  • Robust drawing tools and view creation
  • Move/reconnect dimensions between views
  • Parametric changes propagate from/to Part/Assembly/Drawing environments
  • Dynamic assembly motion
  • Configuration support
  • Top-down assembly modeling (in-context part design)
  • Intelligent feature end-conditions
  • Units awareness and automatic conversion
  • Robust mold design tools
  • ActiveX support for native CAD file viewing in a web browser or programs such as MS Word We hope you enjoy this blast from the past that was copied from a 22 year old VHS tape found behind a stack of SOLIDWORKS 2001+ brochures in a cabinet below the coffee maker.

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