Tech Tip: What to Expect After Markforged Metal X Purchase

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What are you getting when you buy a Markforged Metal X Printer? What must be done at your facility before you can start making parts? Don’t worry MLC CAD Systems has you covered with this Tip Sheet to get you ready to go with the Metal X system!

Facility Requirements

Before the equipment arrives, you will need to make sure your facility is ready. Below is a list of the main facility requirements.

  • 1. Allocated space for all equipment which consist of the Metal X printer, Wash station, and Furnace.
  • a. A total of around 105 square feet of space is needed for all equipment, excluding the gas supply panel and gas bottles.
  • 2. Exhaust system capable of a minimum of 100 CFM flow. This can be part of your existing facility exhaust or you can purchase a stand-alone exhaust system specifically for the Metal X system.
  • 3. Dedicated electrical circuits for all equipment.
  • a. Metal X requires 120V/15A circuit. Wash requires 120V/20A circuit. Sinter requires a 240V/60A circuit and must be hardwired with a dedicated electrical disconnecting device.

For more details about the facility requirements please review the Metal X Facilities Guide.

Pre-Installation Requirements

Now that your facility meets the facility requirements for the Metal X system, here is a general outline of what is required to be done before the installer arrives and the installation process itself.

Required by customer prior to installation:

  • 1. Uncrate and move Metal X into final position.
  • 2. Uncrate and move Wash into final position.
  • 3. Uncrate and remove sinter and gas panel.
  • a. Only the sinter and gas supply panel should be removed at this point.
  • 4. Sinter must be hardwired and gas supply panel must be mounted.
  • 5. All gasses and solvent must be on-site.

For more details please review the Metal X pre-installation guide.

Installation Overview

The installation process is 5 days and consist of setting up/configuring all equipment as well as customer training on all equipment. Below is an outline of what to expect during the installation process.

  • Day 1: will consist of set-up and configuring the Metal X printer and Wash station. Sinter will also be set-up for initial 17-hour bake-out.
  • Day 2: will consist of gas pipe installation and final furnace assembly including tube and gas supply connections.
  • Day 3: will consist of customer training on using the Metal X printer and Wash station. The sinter will begin the 27-hour calibration run.
  • Day 4: will consist of customer training on the sinter as well as any additional training on the Metal X and Wash.
  • Day 5: will consist of finishing up any training and verifying the customer parts have printed, washed, and sintered successfully.

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