SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer

Using SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer (SSE) you can extend SOLIDWORKS Simulation capabilities with a tightly integrated, cloud-based solution to conduct structural static, frequency, buckling, modal dynamic response, as well as structural-thermal analysis of parts and assemblies.

SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer
Solve Complex Physics

With Confidence

With SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer (SSE), built on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you can run simulations on both your local machine or in the cloud. Leverage the growing suite of apps available on the platform aiming to help you with all facets of creating innovative, successful products.

Simulia SSE


Solve your complex nonlinear static structural problems with an intuitive advanced simulation technology powered by SIMULIA Abaqus, which is the proven world-class Finite Element Analysis Solver. Speed up your post-processing and visualization of large models with SSE, and capture a precise load history of multiple and sequential load cases.

Enable multi-threaded cloud computing for rendering and visualization computations of large scale simulation data. Running simulations on the cloud gives you access to more processing cores, which which helps you run complex simulations with speed, clarity, and control to make design decisions faster. It also frees up your local machines for other design or simulation work.

Define contact with greater ease, especially for multiple components and complex topology. Instead of setting contact pairs, use a single interaction to encompass contact globally. Maintain flexibility within the global definition to modify interactions of sub-regions or deactivate them if desired.

Build your own simulation dashboards in the cloud. Use widgets to view all of your recent simulation content, track any running jobs or open up a simulation in more detail. Create a lightweight visualization of the geometry and simulation results and easily share engineering and design insights with non-specialist users.

Access SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer directly from SOLIDWORKS Simulation and let your geometry and model features be transferred into SSE with a single click. SSE users can set advanced simulations in less time by reusing loads, mesh definistions, boundary conditions, and material properties. Also, each time you modify your SOLIDWORKS CAD design, your simulation model in SSE updates automatically.

Choose between controlled or automated mesh creation and generate high-quality solid and shell meshes. Select from different element types and shapes including quads and triangles for shell elements and bricks and tetrahedra for solid elements. Automate the creation of repetitive meshes with Rule-Based Meshing and automatic feature recognition for holes, fillets, and beads.

Explore nonlinear material models including metal plasticity, rubber hyperelasticity, as well as viscoelasticity and material failure. SSE helps you to simulate your material behavior realistically in conjunction with the various available element types and the robust and efficient Abaqus Solver.

With its expanding app portfolio, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can meet all of your product needs. From ideation and program management, to design, manufacturing and documentation, it aims to give you the tools, data management, and collaborative environment needed to accelerate innovation. For example, storing data in the cloud lets you share your model and results in real time anywhere with a web browser. You can easily create dashboards to review and share the latest data and make informed decisions faster.

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