SOLIDWORKS Motion Tutorial Series #4 – Animation Wizard

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SOLIDWORKS includes three integrated Motion solvers for creating videos and animations in assemblies. Animation and Basic Motion are included in every license of SOLIDWORKS, and Motion Analysis is available with SOLIDWORKS Premium or any SOLIDWORKS Simulation license. This tutorial series will help you understand the basic skills to get started even if you have never created animations before. Videos are broken down by topic for easy searching. Subscribe to get notifications for new videos and participate in the comments with questions and requests.

The Animation Wizard is the easiest way to get started creating animations, requiring only a basic understanding of the timeline and allowing you to re-use existing information from exploded views or a mate controller feature to define locations.

Watch the next part of the series:

Animations are the most basic type of motion study and allow you to quickly and easily position components for illustrative purposes using keypoints on a timeline. Most “physics” features are disabled in Animation mode, so it is best to use keyframes to move components around.

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