SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Tutorial Series

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Are you getting started with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation or interested to see how to set up and run a CFD study? We have a video playlist that takes you through the benefits of Flow Simulation and teaches you the best practices in using the tool for the first time. Dedicated videos exist for each of the main steps in the process, including model prep, the study wizard, boundary and goal setup, solving, visualization, and data collection. Additional webinars and tips and tricks videos are also available to help you understand how to approach almost any challenge. The tutorial was originally recorded in 2016 but the basic workflow to get started remains the same.

Flow Tutorial Series #1 – Introduction
Flow Tutorial Series #2 – Flow Wizard
Flow Tutorial Series #3 – Boundaries and Goals
Flow Tutorial Series #4 – Solving
Flow Tutorial Series #5 – Results Visualization
Flow Tutorial Series #6 – Results Measurements

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