SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Requests

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Have you ever had an idea to enhance existing SOLIDWORKS functionality or create a new tool or command for a SOLIDWORKS product? Well, did you know users on subscription services can submit their ideas to SOLIDWORKS on the Customer Portal using the Enhancement Request process? You can even search for similar ideas which may already exists and then vote on those ideas to drive prioritization of the requests.

What is an Enhancement Request?

An Enhancement Request (ER) is any idea, tip, or suggestion to improve future versions of SOLIDWORKS products. The requests are then voted on by the SOLIDWORKS community to help determine which ones may provide the greatest value to customers and improve the user experience.

Your Enhancement Requests

Do you have an enhancement request number you would others to vote on to boost awareness? Then click here and we will be happy to vote for your Enhancement Request. We may even add it to this article. Don’t forget to include the Enhancement Request number or SPR number for reference.


The Top Enhancements of every major version released can be found in the SOLIDWORKS What’s New documentation by clicking this link.

Enhancement Requests which turn into Software Performance Requests (SPR) could take up to 2 years in the development process. Keep in mind, the SOLIDWORKS Development Team is already hard at work testing next year’s major release. So, if you have a great idea to improve SOLIDWORKS products, be patient, you may just see your idea included in a future version!

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