Simplify Your Most Complicated Parts with Mastercam

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This video was recorded as a Mastercam 2017 Tips and Tricks Webinar, but it remains one of our most popular videos for its delivery of useful tips and tricks for all versions of Mastercam. Ryan Green shares useful information on how to simplify even a very complicated part using Mastercam’s newest toolpaths. The downhole tool part featured in this video took 6 hours to machine using traditional toolpaths, but with multiaxis roughing the part can be machined much quicker with more efficient material removal and more consistent tool engagement which further reduces cost with uneven tool wear.

Multiaxis roughing is a High Speed Toolpath that differs from traditional toolpaths like Offset by more effectively creating toolpaths for complex shapes that removes material evenly with each pass. Traditional and High Speed toolpaths can be used interchangeably and together, there is no need to reprogram any existing toolpaths that give good results with other methods. The main benefits include reducing cycle time on the machine, optimizing the life of the cutting tool, removing air cuts, and making it easier to program complex shapes.

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