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SolidWorks Premium 2014

SolidWorks 2014 Premium

SolidWorks Premium 2014

SolidWorks Premium 2014 is a comprehensive 3D design solution that enables you to create, validate, communicate, and manage your product designs

By integrating powerful design tools, including industry-leading part, assembly, and drawing capabilities, with built-in simulation, cost estimation, rendering, animation, and product data management, SolidWorks Premium makes the development and sharing of design ideas faster and simpler, resulting in a more productive 3D design experience.

SolidWorks Premium 2014 gives you powerful, easy-to-use functionality that automates tasks, streamlines workflow, and helps you quickly define and validate the form, fit, and function of your design. Part of the SolidWorks product development solution—covering design, simulation, sustainable design, technical communication, and data management—SolidWorks Premium 2014 empowers innovative design with specific tools that help you work more efficiently and make better design decisions.

SolidWorks Premium allows you to design products for a broad range of industries and applications.

  • 3D solid modeling: create and edit 3D part and assembly models and create 2D drawings that automatically update with design changes
  • Conceptual design: create layout sketches; apply motors and forces to check mechanism performance; import images and scans to use as a reference for creating 3D geometry
  • Large assembly design capabilities: create and manage extremely large designs, and work in either detailed or simplified modes
  • Advanced surfacing: create and edit complex solid and surface geometry, including stylish C2 surfaces
  • Sheet metal: design from scratch or convert your 3D part to sheet metal; includes automatic attening of sheet metal parts with bend length compensation
  • Weldments: quickly design welded structures composed  of structural members, plates, and gussets; includes a library of predened structural shapes
  • Mold design: design molded parts and the tooling to create them, including core and cavity, draft, automated parting surfaces, and mold base components
  • Piping/tubing design: generate and document 3D mechanical systems, including pipe/tube paths, pipe spools, pipe slope, and a complete bill of materials (BOM)
  • Electrical cable/harness and conduit design: import electrical connection information, generate and document 3D electrical route paths, and complete the BOM for your design
  • SolidWorks Search: search for any file—on your computer, network, SolidWorks PDM system, or the Internet
  • Design automation: automate repetitive design tasks—including part, assembly, and drawing generation—using DriveWorksXpress
  • Configurations: automatically create multiple versions  of parts and assemblies and save them in the same  file for easy reference
  • Design Library: save frequently used parts,  features, templates, and more in the  Design Library for easy access; SolidWorks Toolbox contains over one million hardware components and other items to add to your assemblies
  • Online libraries in  3D ContentCentral®: reduce design time  by using 2D and 3D catalog components provided by suppliers
  • Smart Components and Smart Fasteners: reduce assembly time and promote standardization with smart hardware that automatically assembles, sizes, and even creates mounting holes and clearance cuts in parts as needed
  • PhotoView 360: create photorealistic images and animations quickly, without being a graphics expert
  • Walk-through/fly-through animations: take a virtual  walk-through of your design or record a video to help explain it to others
  • Assembly animation: demonstrate your design’s basic operations by applying motion, gravity, and component contact, or by manually moving components; record and save a video
  • Automatic Drawing View creation: simply drag and drop  the 3D model into a drawing to create views that are either wireframe (with or without hidden lines) or shaded; automatically create any view type, such as isometric, section, partial section, or detailed
  • Automatic Drawing View updates: keep drawing views in sync with automatic drawing view updates any time the  3D part and assembly models are modied• Dimensioning: automate the generation and placement  of dimensions and tolerances with industry-proven, production-ready, 2D drawing capabilities
  • Bill of materials (BOM): generate automated BOMs with balloon note callouts and cut lists that update with model changes; output BOM to Microsoft Excel directly from an assembly or drawing for printing or upload to ERP/MRP systems
  • Annotations: create a complete drawing by adding all  necessary tolerances, symbols, notes, hole callouts, and tables
  • Standards checking: compare your drawings to company standards to ensure consistency using the SolidWorks Design Checker tool• Drawing control: control drawing revisions and graphically compare drawings to understand their differences
  • Automatic cost estimation: estimate part manufacturing costs automatically using built-in cost templates; designers can make faster, repeatable, and more informed design decisions based on cost; manufacturers can automate their quoting processes
  • Customizable manufacturing settings: customize templates to enter specific manufacturing costs and data, such as material, labor, machine speed and feeds, and setup costs
  • Collision and interference detection: check for interferences, collisions, and clearances between components to ensure proper operation
  • Hole alignment checks in assembly design: eliminate misalignments between holes in mating components to ensure proper fastener fitment prior to manufacturing
  • Tolerance stack-up analysis: use SolidWorks TolAnalyst™  to automatically check the effects of tolerances on parts  and assemblies and ensure consistent fit of components  at assembly
  • Electrical harness manufacturing: automatically flatten wire harnesses to generate pin board drawings and wire cut lists for electrical manufacturing
  • Piping and tubing: design complete pipe networks, including spools, for better manufacturability or transport; generate flexible or rigid tubing systems
  • DFMXpress: use SolidWorks DFMXpress to check manufacturability and cost aspects
  • Compare parts and drawings for changes: use part and drawing comparison tools to graphically show differences between two versions of a part or drawing whenever updates occur
  • Draft, undercut, and wall thickness checks: automatically check for draft, undercut, and wall thickness issues in molded, cast, and forged parts and tooling
  • Sheet metal flat pattern: automatically flatten a sheet  metal design and document it for manufacturing; includes bend compensation to ensure proper blank sizing for manufacturing
  • 3D for rapid prototyping: output STL and other file formats for rapid prototype equipment directly from SolidWorks  3D models
  • 2D manufacturing data: automatically export CNC-ready DXF™ and DWG file information directly from SolidWorks  3D models
  • Streamline production prep: automatic output of hole charts, weld tables, cut lists, punch tool tables, and CNC  pipe bending data
  • 3D CAM partner integration: automatically update NC toolpaths directly inside SolidWorks without the need for data translation using Certified Gold Partner CAM products
  • Import/export: convert CAD data into a format that meets your needs, including IFC le import/export to interact with AEC design software
  • Existing 2D DWG data: maintain designs using SolidWorks 2D CAD tools
  • Automatic Feature Recognition: automatically convert  non-SolidWorks CAD data into easily modifiable SolidWorks models
  • ECAD-MCAD data exchange: use CircuitWorks™ to provide two-way data exchange between mechanical and electrical designers
  • Import scanned data: use SolidWorks ScanTo3D to convert scanned data into SolidWorks CAD geometry to facilitate reverse engineering
  • eDrawings® Viewer: directly view and mark up SolidWorks files in the eDrawings Viewer, a compact, email-friendly file format; supports SolidWorks CAD, DWG, and numerous other CAD formats; enables rotate, zoom, measure, markup, section, and virtual disassembly; supported on mobile devices
  • Protect your intellectual property: use SolidWorks Defeature Technology to hide selected aspects of your design before sharing models
  • Manage your data: manage your design data with automatic revision control, data security, and access control
  • Find your data: search components for use in new designs, and find and leverage existing designs for re-use, saving development time and cost
  • And dozens more new features, functionality and enhancements making SolidWorks Premium 2014 the most powerful 3D CAD solution on the market today

We're confident that SolidWorks Premium 2014 will have a significant impact on your company's design productivity so contact us today to request SolidWorks Premium 2014 prices, request a demo, for more info and for all of your SolidWorks related sales, support, training and other needs. Call 800-364-1652, email us, or contact your local MLC CAD Systems location.



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