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SolidWorks Standard 2013

SolidWorks 2012 Standard

SolidWorks Standard 2013

New drawing tools help you create complex geometries faster and easier with true conic surfacing and intersect feature formation, plus enhanced documentation capabilities and automated outputs for manufacturing.

New modeling tool enables you to add and remove geometry in one operation. You can intersect solids, surfaces, and planes, as well as merge solids and cap surfaces, to define closed volumes and create multiple geometries simultaneously.

Just a few new features and functionality available in SolidWorks Standard 2013 include...

Conics in Sketcher - Create smooth transitions between existing geometries using true conic surfacing.

  • Create complex or hybrid models faster using surfaces
  • Make a parabola, ellipse, or hyperbola tangent to existing geometry
  • Use rho value for more precise control
  • Easily create bridge curves between existing geometry without using splines

Intersect Feature - Add or remove geometry quickly and easily by intersecting solids, surfaces, and/or planes.

  • Faster creation of complex or hybrid models using surfaces
  • Simultaneously cut and patch model geometry using open surfaces without having to create an enclosed volume first
  • Perform multiple solid geometry intersections simultaneously
  • Create solid geometry from negative space

Varying Dimension Patterns Quickly create variations of pattern instances with expanded SolidWorks® patterning capabilities.

  • Save time and reduce the number of features
  • Increment feature spacing or size in linear and circular patterns
  • Select any feature dimension for variation
  • Override individual instance dimensions

Weldments, Sheet Metal & Multi-Body Library Features - Quickly design weldments, sheet metal, and multi-body parts and increase standardization.

  • Save time and automate outputs for manufacturing
  • For Weldments—Access overall dimensions of the part bounding box for BOM, cut list, or annotations
  • For Sheet Metal—Set and view insertion points for forming tools to determine the precise location of the forming tool relative to the part
  • Multi-Body Parts—Use library features on multi-body parts

Section View Assist - Speed the creation of production drawings for faster and more consistent section views.

  • Quickly document the interface between internal components
  • Use specialized functionality to quickly create section views, aligned section views, and half-section views
  • Easily create section views in compliance with ASME, ISO, and other standards

We're confident that SolidWorks Standard will have a significant impact on your company's design productivity so contact us today to request SolidWorks Standard prices, request a demo, for more info and for all of your SolidWorks related sales, support, training and other needs. Call 800-364-1652, email us, or contact your local MLC CAD Systems location.


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