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We saw early the innovation in the software, the real-world benefits Mastercam would have for our CNC manufacturing customers and the value Mastercam represented

MLC CAD Systems was one of the first CAD, CAM VARs (value added resellers) in North America, and world-wide for that matter, to come on board with Mastercam Corporation. We saw early the innovation in the software, the real-world benefits Mastercam would have for our CNC manufacturing customers and the value Mastercam represented. As a result we have a long history of providing Mastercam demos to prospective MLC and Mastercam customers and a 29 year history of demonstrating, selling and supporting the industry's leading CAM, CAD, CAE, PDM, PLM and publishing technologies.

A typical Mastercam demo from MLC CAD Systems involves a combination of fact finding, discussions, establishing goals and objectives for your company, identifying pains and challenges in your current manufacturing process and tailoring our demonstration to address your company's unique goals and objectives and presenting real-world examples of Mastercam technology that will speed the manufacturing process in your organization.

Much of the early work, fact finding, discussions, etc. we call discovery. This discovery can take place over a period of days or weeks prior to our visit (we usually demonstrate onsite at your location mostly for logistics reasons, its easier for us to travel to you than for you and your associates to travel to us, but we also have over a dozen locations if you prefer to visit one of our locations) or sometimes on-site at the beginning if there's an immediate need for a Mastercam demo, and involves us researching your company, identifying how your company can benefit from Mastercam technology, discussions with you and your staff to determine goals, objectives and the manufacturing challenges your company has faced or faces in the future.

If and when you decide you are ready for a Mastercam demo, our Mastercam staff develops an agenda focused specifically on the needs and objectives defined during discovery and sets a date and time that works best for you and your machinists and programmers.

Typically we do everything with our abilities to limit the demonstration to 2 hours (or less) but of course, we could talk all day about the merits of Mastercam if given the opportunity, as we believe that Mastercam is absolutely the best CNC manufacturing software on the market today.

Our Mastercam demos usually involve a brief question and answer session, and an added bonus for our staff if our prospective customers are willing, an opportunity to walk through your shop or your manufacturing facilities and see first hand the processes, procedures, the products you manufacuture and the equipment you use. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing our prospective customer's manufacturing processes and parts first hand, worth a million.

As for the formal Mastercam demo, we ask if there's any new information that may have changed since our last discovery, give others who we may have not been involved with the discovery up to this point an opportunity to share their own goals and objectives and relate any challenges they're facing and note this feedback so we can address these issues during our Mastercam demo.

Then, it's on to the Mastercam demo. MLC CAD Systems has some of the finest technical staff in the business. Each Certified Mastercam Professional must have years of hands-on, real-world experience with Mastercam before they are even considered for a position at MLC CAD Systems and must pass a rigorous hiring and ramp up process to insure they know Mastercam technology inside and out as well as on-going in-service training.

But more important our Certified Mastercam Professionals know that the objective and goal of a Mastercam demo is to address the topics that are most important to you and your company, and thus our Mastercam staff will  demonstrate real-world functionality that is proven in production environments and focused upon the unique challenges of your business.

With many years of real-world Mastercam demo experience, our Mastercam staff can adjust our agenda on-the-fly if new questions, challenges or goals and objectives are raised mid-Mastercam demo, and we welcome questions throughout our presentation. Afterall, our goal is to provide you with the information you and your company needs to make an informed, reliable and dependable decision that will utimately help your company increase design productivity, reduce design errors and get your product to market in the shortest amount of time.

Upon conclusion of the formal presentation, we then open the floor to questions, concerns and functiontionality that may not have been identified during the discovery process and then answer those questions, or more likely demonstrate that functionality.

Finally we query you and your staff about the next action, whether that is to provide your company with a Mastercam quote or proposal, provide additional Mastercam info, or agree to follow up in the next few days, weeks or months depending upon your purchase timetable.

We're confident that you'll find Mastercam some of the best designed CNC manufacturing software available, Mastercam's features and functionality far ahead of the competition, Mastercam's value and Mastercam's ease-of-use allowing your machinists and programmers the ability to more easily and quickly manufacture your products or complete your customer's project in less time.

To request a Mastercam demo, please contact us at 800-364-1652, email us or contact your local MLC CAD Systems location to request a Mastercam demo. We're confident it will be time well spent.


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