Mastercam Software Licensing

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Mastercam can utilize two different types of licensing depending on customer needs, Hardware and Software. Hardware licensing utilizes a physical USB device that must be attached to a computer or local server for the license to operate the license. Since the physical hardware device can cause down-time if it is lost or damaged, most licensing is now done using Software licensing for more convenience. Talk to your local Mastercam representative for more information and to make sure your license is configured to best serve your needs. Here we’ll run through the basic operation and features of Software Licensing for Mastercam.

Software licensing utilizes a program called CodeMeter to register a device and manage licenses. CodeMeter installs automatically with Mastercam and can be configured for standalone or network licensing. For network licenses the activation process is performed on any one machine, and then client machines are configured to look for the server to obtain a license. For standalone licenses, each computer will follow the same activation procedure individually, but then can operate without an active connection to the server.

The Activation process validates the computer over the internet and is ready to operate in a matter of seconds. The device being activated does not need to be directly connected for the operation to work. An activation file can be transferred to another system and submitted from another computer which is helpful for offline or secure installations. The same activation process is used to deactivate a license when it is no longer going to be used on that machine, making it available to activate on another system as needed. Activation can also update the license if it has been renewed and has a new entitlement date.

Network license users can quickly view the available licenses including how many are free, who is using each one, and when they were last using it. An administrator has the ability to kick users off if necessary, such as if a user forgets to turn off their software before leaving.

If your license is a Software Activation License, you can download this comprehensive Software Licensing Guide or visit our Mastercam KB for specific instructions on how to install, configure, and operate your Mastercam Software Licenses.

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