Mastercam – Changing Arc Output Inside Your Control Definition

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When programming with Mastercam, the user has a couple options inside Mastercam to allow the user to easily make basic changes to the output of their code. One of the changes a user may want to change is how the Control Definition compiles the arc output in their posted code. This can be done for both lathe and milling machine control definitions. Below, I will show you how to change your output to show as ‘I’, ‘J’, and ‘K’ or ‘R’ respectfully.

Step 1 – Open the Machine Definition

Mastercam Changing Arc Output

Step 2 – It will prompt you that you are about to make global changes to the post, check yes

Step 3 – Open the Control Definition

Step 4 – Open the Arc settings and change the Arc center type (in orange) to Delta start to center. If it is selected already, reselect it. Afterwards, save your settings using the green check as you back out.

This setting will give you the results below.

Step 5 – Click Yes to reload the machine.

Would you rather see the output as ‘R’?
When you change the Arc center type to radius as seen below

You will see the blow output when the code is compiled.

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