Mastercam 2021 Is Now Available

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Mastercam 2021 is now available! All licenses on active maintenance can install and run this new release that provides hundreds of enhancements large and small. Enhancements focus on multiple aspects of performance in CNC Programming including programming efficiency, cycle time improvement, cutter wear, and program re-use.

Here is a list of some of the most impactful enhancements, more details can be found online at or sign up to attend one of our upcoming events to highlight the new features!

  • Advanced Drill for faster drill operations in multi-step holes
  • Chamfer Drill for faster programming of multiple sizes of chamfers
  • Dynamic Corner Pre-treat and Face Roll-in to maximize cutter life and finish
  • Multiple useful Chaining enhancements
  • Check Tool Reach to quickly find inaccessible areas for a given tool
  • 3D PDF support for creating viewable documentation and instructions
  • Workholding components like Collets organized in libraries
  • Custom Thread for creating custom thread shapes easily in Mill-Turn
  • Swiss Pick-Off-Cut-Off support
  • Automatic Bounding Box enhancements
  • Curve extension and interpolation enhancements for curve-driven toolpaths
  • Enhancements to Multi-Axis Pocketing (Finishing)
  • Ability to reflow surface definitions for smoother finish across complex shapes
  • A streamlined 3+2 toolpath that is faster and easier to use

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