How to Work Remotely Using SOLIDWORKS and PDM

With the current events, many users are finding they need to quickly adjust their work routine. Here’s a quick guide on how to use SOLIDWORKS and PDM out of office if needed, even if you need to install an on different computer.

SOLIDWORKS Standalone vs Network License


There are variety of licenses out there. You may need to determine if you have standalone or network licenses. A quick way to determine this is the first four digits of your serial number. If it starts with 0000 or 9000, it is a standalone license. If it is 0100 or 9010, it is a network license.

Standalone licenses are machine locked by default, so they either need to be ‘transferred’ to a new computer or reverted to Online Licensing. Conversion to Online Licensing can be reverted back later.

Users can continue to share and utilize network licenses as usual, if their company sets up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) access for their employees.

IT Note: VPN network adapter should be set up to retain a static MAC address. Please coordinate with your VPN provider as each VPN software configuration may differ.

If you do not have VPN access, you do have the capacity to borrow one to take home with you on your work computer.

For an extended article on licensing mechanisms, please see:


Communicating with your data can proceed as usual with VPN access as well.

A PDM Web2 server can also be installed and configured to control and allow access for authorized users. This interface will users to access, check-in/out files, and move files through a workflow.

If you do not have VPN access, and are taking a company computer home, you do have the option to go into ‘Work Offline’ Mode. This will disconnect you from the PDM server but retain access to files. A few steps to take first:

  • ‘Get Latest’ on any file you expect you will need
  • ‘Check out’ any file you expect to be making changes to.

If you need any assistance or have questions regarding these tools, please don’t hesitate to ask us! Here’s how to reach support:
Phone: 800-364-1652 x 2

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