How to Work Remotely Using Mastercam

With the current events, many users are finding they need to quickly adjust their work routine. Here’s a quick guide on how to use Mastercam out of office if needed, even if you need to install on different computer.

Mastercam Licensing

Mastercam has multiple options for licensing, the first step is to identify how your license is delivered. One way to check is to open Mastercam and go to File > Help. The license information will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Working from home with Mastercam

Mastercam licenses can be tied to a USB Hasp Key as in the above screenshot or to a software activation. Standalone licenses are individually installed on each computer, while Network licenses are managed centrally on a license server for the company. Depending on your licensing will determine how you can work from home.

If your computer has a Purple USB Hasp Key, it is a standalone license and the Hasp Key is the source of your licensing. Any computer with a Mastercam installation will run if the Hasp Key is inserted into that computer. If you take your computer with you or plan to install Mastercam on a new computer in your new location, bring the Hasp Key with you and you can operate without issue.

Standalone Software Activation ties the license to a specific computer and will follow that computer, even if you take it home with you. If you plan to use your license on a different computer at home, you must first de-activate the license on your work computer. The activation and de-activation process is controlled by the Mastercam Activation Wizard (Start > Mastercam Licensing Utilities > Activation Wizard) and the program will guide you through each step.

Network Licenses will require a VPN connection to the network where the license server exists to pull licenses and work remotely. The server name and location will need to be modified if it changes when moving to a home computer. When the network license server uses a Red Hasp Key it may need to be pointed to the server by modifying a local settings file located at C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2020\Mastercam\nethasp.ini. Replace the text of that file with the following code and substitute the actual server name or IP address in the text.

Note: MLC CAD Systems does not support VPN setup or configuration, customer is responsible for VPN configuration.

NH_TCPIP = Enabled
NH_IPX = Disabled

If the license is a Software Network License, open the Code Meter Webadmin in the system tray at the bottom right of the Windows task bar

Open the Configuration tab and add a new server by IP address

Machine Files and Settings

The Mastercam Zip2Go utility allows files to be packaged up to be transferred to another computer. Open a project and go to File > Zip2Go to get started.

Select the types of information to transfer and click Create Zip2Go to save the project and related files to a zip file. Transfer that zip file to the new computer to copy over settings and other information. Repeat this process as needed to transfer additional machine types.

If you have questions or issues working under the current conditions please contact our support team for additional assistance.

Learning Mastercam

Due to travel restrictions some classes may be difficult to attend. MLC will be conducting instructor lead online classes, visit our training webpage for additional information. Also, for a limited time Mastercam University is offering select classes for free online to offset the disruption caused by COVID-19. Use the following link to learn more about this offer.

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