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SOLIDWORKS Manage Dashboard

Access to accurate and actionable data is essential to successfully managing large teams and projects within a company. As your product portfolio grows and new products are being sold the amount of data and level of complexity generated grows rapidly. Knowing how all your organizational resources are being utilized and keeping employee workload manageable while streamlining processes is a huge challenge company leaders face.

With SOLIDWORKS Manage, dashboards can give you a 10,000-foot view of your operations while organizing and managing the details along the way. By utilizing tasks with the Project and Processes in SOLIDWORKS Manage, employees are assigned, and time is allocated to complete each required task. All the information generated by SOLIDWORKS Manage can then be aggregated into tables, pie charts, and gauges to maintain a close watch on the overall health of the company operations or individual projects, people, or processes.

The information is easy to read, and layouts are fully customizable. You can filter the data by clicking directly on a section of a pie chart or project or both. See how open project tasks can be filtered by employees or by project.

Figure 1: 1.) Filter by clicking on a pie chart section. 2.) Filter even further by clicking on a project. 3.) View the resulting open tasks that meet the filters. 4.) Clear the filter for individual sections.
Manage Select Multiple Filters
Figure 2: Control select multiple resources to see open tasks for more than one employee at a time.

In this dashboard created for open and completed change orders, you can search columns of a table for a particular string to find text that equals, begins with, or contains target text or even blank values.

Manage Search Strings
Figure 3: Filter tables by string comparisons.

Do you ever need to look back and see information on closed Change Orders in a given date range, or analyze where the Change Order work was performed? With the date range filter, you have complete control over the time frame that a process was closed.

Manage Change Order work
Figure 4: Date Range Filter for closed Change Orders.
Manage Change Order work
Figure 5: Date range filtering closed Change Orders for this month.

The data above was originally created in SOLIDWORKS Manage, but what about the design information that is created and stored in a SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault, or data stored in other external databases or spreadsheets? SOLIDWORKS PDM and Manage are both built on the Microsoft SQL Server, and data from any source can be connected and viewed in a dashboard. All of the same filter controls are available and you can clearly see the breakdown of files in different workflow states.

Figure 6: Different dashboards to display information for different areas of your business.

SOLIDWORKS Manage dashboards will give the much-needed insight to see how resources are being utilized. Take action to prevent over utilization of resources and reduced productivity caused by a heavy workload or rapidly approaching deadlines. Take control of your data and ensure your employees are meeting expectations with SOLIDWORKS Manage Dashboards.

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