Creating Custom Mill Tools Inside Mastercam

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Not all tools will be available in your Mastercam Tool Manager library. There are many custom tools on the market you may need to add. Inside Mastercam, we can create these custom tools.

First, create a separate Level for your custom tool. Give the Level a name, this will make it easier when selecting the Level later.

Mastercam Custom Tool Level

Next, you will need to create the tool profile. Mastercam already knows the tool revolves around the axis, so there is no need to draw both sides of the tool. Doing so will generate errors when creating the custom tool.

After the tool profile is created, under the Toolpaths group, open the Tool Manager

Once inside the Tool Manager, right click in the Machine Group window and select “Create Tool”.

Create Tool

Here, you will select “Custom Tool” and click Next.

To define your custom tool, left click on the “Import and link to custom geometry from a level” icon.

Select your level with the custom geometry.

To view the custom tool, change Render Mastercam Tool to Render Imported Tool.

Mastercam Tool to Render

To save your tool to a library, right click on the custom tool and select “Save tool(s) to library…”

Save Tool Library

Select your desired library and save…

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