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SOLIDWORKS Simulation (FEA) Software

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Meshing Guide

The mesh is quite literally your geometry broken up into the individual elements, which are finite in number. While SOLIDWORKS makes life easy with an automated approach, following a few key steps can ensure you achieve a mesh that produces trustworthy results relatively quickly.

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Mastercam Keyboard Shortcuts
Mastercam Tech Tips

Mastercam Keyboard Shortcuts

Print out and hang this handy quick reference guide to learn Mastercam keyboard shortcuts and other time-saving tools like masks and gnomon control.

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Metal X at CES

Printed Metal Prototypes – 6 Things to Consider

Depending on your situation and the types of parts you make, the Markforged Metal X printer may be a good solution for your R&D group to build prototypes and small-run production without breaking the bank or disturbing the peace in the shop. Let’s explore some of the typical issues involved in prototyping to see if your company can benefit from a Metal X printer.

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