Additive Manufacturing after COVID-19 | Past, Present, and Future – Webinar

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Social distancing and COVID-19 management have mandated fundamental changes in how people across the world live and work. With the shut-down of many businesses and the disruption of critical supply lines for many industries, our additive manufacturing team of experts takes a look at the trends that existed before this pandemic, discuss how many companies are coping with it, and look to the future with predictions and analysis to help you prepare for re-opening.

Before social distancing, risk management was not a major factor and ROI was king. If a 3D printer could save serious money it was considered a plausible investment, but for many it was still seen as a niche technology and they were hesitant to get started. Education was and remains a major issue for companies adopting additive manufacturing.

During social distancing, many companies and in fact the entire world saw the potential for flexibility in design and manufacturing, as well as their lack of reliance on a long and complex supply chain as standalone manufacturing components. We explore the applications in Medical and discuss how it is validating the entire additive manufacturing approach in front of the public.

In the future, risk management and human-intensive operations are likely to be viewed differently. Overseas production and centralized operations may give way to distributed operations and more domestic production.

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