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NVIDIA GRID & SolidWorks
NVIDIA GRID Visual Computing Appliance

NVIDIA Grid Technologies

NVIDIA GRID technologies and SolidWorks 2014 allow you and your company to increase design productivity, reduce workstation costs and provide increased flexibility allowing personnel to use both PC and Mac technologies, lower-powered hardware and older computers.


Eight workstations reside in the GRID Visual Computing Appliance (VCA), which is typically installed in a computer room or data center and connected to the local area network. The user logs into their remote workstation on their local computer. By clicking on the GRID VCA Workspace icon, the user can access graphics-intensive applications powered by workstation-class, NVIDIA graphics. The processing is handled “remotely” in the VCA, so all your important data, files, and IP remain secure. Because the GRID Workspace runs inside the GRID VCA, it’s easily accessed by the user, right from their local PC.

What compromises the GRID VCA ARCHITECTURE?

From the server room, the GRID VCA serves up virtual machines for up to eight concurrent users of graphics-intensive design and engineering applications. Each user has dedicated access to their own workstation-class NVIDIA GPU.

The GRID VCA is linked to network-attached storage where important files, IP, and datasets are securely stored. A high-resolution stream of the user’s applications is delivered over the network to their PC of choice. The user gets workstation-class performance anywhere they are connected to the local area network.


And what makes up the GRID VCA WORKSPACE?

Because the GRID Workspace runs inside the GRID VCA, it’s easily accessed by the user, right from their local PC.


And what are the primary benefits of the NVIDIA GRID VCA for SolidWorks 2014 Users?

  1. GRID VCA allows businesses to standardize the use of SolidWorks 2014 across users. It doesn’t matter if our customers have a PC or Mac, if your computer is aging or if it’s a low-end machine — because they’re all receiving the same high performance SolidWorks 2014, virtually.
  2. GRID VCA combines the unparalleled performance and capabilities of Quadro-class professional graphics with the flexibility of network delivery to give MLC's SolidWorks 2014 users a serious productivity boost. Whether employees or contractors, people can quickly access SolidWorks 2014.
  3. Using SolidWorks 2014 on GRID VCA eliminates performance trade-offs thanks to Quadro-class graphics. Every user can now interact with complex 3D CAD models that include the highest quality designs and images, such as FSAA, interactive rendering and advanced shadows.
  4. Businesses can better manage costs while increasing access to SolidWorks. Companies deploying GRID VCA can maintain a single appliance instead of multiple workstations and reduce their spending on CAD workstation support, including deployment, service packs and upgrades. Simultaneously, casual users who previously might not have had a sufficiently powerful system can now gain full, high-performance access to SolidWorks 2014. And they can work from wherever they have a connection.
  5. Intellectual property can be critical to a business’s success. Using SolidWorks on GRID VCA increases security by protecting IP across the machines of employees and contractors. BYOD isn’t a problem because the designs and data remain in the data center.

GRID VCA represents a new approach to delivering high-performance, GPU-accelerated applications over the network, and the excitement for it is rippling through the design and engineering communities.

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